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Halloween is that time of year when grown kids like to dress up and go Trick or Treating, teenagers as well as young adults love to hit the Haunted Houses and all ages love to watch scary movie classics like all the ‘Halloween’ movies with Michael Myers, ‘A Nightmare On Elm Street’ with Freddy Krueger, ‘Friday the 13th’ where folks still go camping at Camp Crystal Lake only to get hacked up by Jason Voorhees, ‘It’ with that creepy clown Penny Wise and ‘Candyman’ that makes you wonder why people would still continue to say his name 3 times.  As traditional as it is to watch scary movies around Halloween, experts are saying that one in particular your children should NOT watch, ‘Squid Game’ on Netflix.



A council in the south of England as well as others has gone public with advice regarding the Netflix mega-hit Squid Game, the council has urged parents to “not allow children” to watch the series citing that the series could be “fostering bullies” due to its content. And the bulk of reports of this nature also point to claims that some kids have been recreating non-deadly elements of the series in real life.

‘Squid Game’ that has been holding down the number 1 trending spot on Netflix since it started streaming, is about hundreds of cash-strapped contestants accepting an invitation to compete in children’s games, like, Red Light…Green Light, for a prize of a piggy bank filled with around $38.6 million, but the catch is the winner gets the piggy bank but the losers get got.  ‘Squid Game’ uses children’s games, children’s optics as well as Playstation symbolism.

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Experts seem to think that your children may not run around dressed like a clown yelling Candyman three times popping out from behind trees with a butcher knife in their hand while, chick chick chick ha ha ha is playing in the back ground, however the fear is they may take red light, green light to a whole other level.

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