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Raven Symone & Adrienne Bailon 2004

Source: Frazier Harrison / Getty

The Cheetah Girls’ Raven-Symoné and Adrienne Bailon Houghton will be reuniting in 2022. Symoné and Houghton will appear on the That’s So Raven spinoff, Raven’s Home, for its Season 5 return.

Fans remember the pair’s friendship as Galleria and Chanel in the Disney Channel’s first-ever musical, The Cheetah Girls franchise. The two had a different relationship when Houghton appeared on That’s So Raven as the popular girl bully Alana throughout the Cheetah Girls era.


Well, Raven is headed back home to San Francisco in Season 5 of the spinoff, and she will be met with her former bully Alana, serving as the principal of the girls’ alma mater, Bayside High.

“We did the first Cheetah Girls movie when I was 19, and now I’m 38, so we’ve stayed friends for almost 20 years,” Houghton told TVLine. “We laugh at the fact that we were playing the high school students… and now we’re playing the parents. It’s so bizarre!”

Houghton expressed her desire to reprise the role on the set of The Real. She tells her co-hosts that she “would absolutely come back.”

The actress’ manifestations have landed her back on the Disney Channel set.

“How genius of the writers of this show to create that dynamic where the school bully becomes the principal,” Houghton said in the interview.

Symoné and Houghton publicly reunited last year during the Los Angeles Women’s March. Though these two seem to have kept in touch over the years, a full Cheetah Girls reunion seems far less likely.

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Symoné and former co-star Kiely Williams appeared to overcome their past drama during an Instagram Live last year, but Williams isn’t receptive to patching things up with Houghton. Symoné believes it can happen. “If only to be on one carpet together once,” she said. “If only to say that. That’ll be fun for us, not just everybody else.”

Houghton initially disregarded any thought of a Cheetah Girls reboot, but she did tell TVLine she’s “so excited about this new generation experiencing the Cheetah Girls on TikTok and Disney+.”

Houghton said she doesn’t want to ruin “the memory of something so great,” but would “always be down” if the situation was right. “Maybe Bubbles and Chuchie are grown with kids of their own and they start the next generation of Cheetah Girls.”

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