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It’s almost unbelievable how many new “cases of the Karens” have been reported since the term first became popular a few years ago, with each racist situation involving white women making false accusations feeling bolder than the one before it.

In a similar fashion to the “Walmart Karen” from this past summer that accused a Black man of stealing her phone only to find it in her car, a new “TikTok Karen” decided to one-up her predecessor by doing the same exact thing. Where was her phone the whole time, you ask? Sitting comfortably in her purse!


As the woman’s new aka would suggest, the incident made headlines after going viral on TikTok. According to Newsweek, the woman is seen picking an argument with an interracial couple after accusing the male, who is Black, of stealing her phone while shopping at popular accessories store Spencer’s. The video, which has already gotten over 2.2 million views and counting, shows the incident as its unfolding with the male already having emptied his pockets to prove he didn’t take her phone.

The woman goes as far as to make further assumptions that he may have turned off her ringer so it wouldn’t ring if they called. However, her hesitation to open the purse or give the store clerk her phone number so he could call the phone gave many viewers the assumption that she already spotted the phone in her bag and was trying to save face.

More details on incident below, via Newsweek:

“The woman with the lost phone then turned to the Black man and pleaded with him to return her phone. The woman holding the camera demanded the woman with the lost phone talk to the store clerk, who was trying to help her by calling her it.

She then asked if the woman would prefer to pat the Black man down after he has already emptied his pockets.

The store clerk had to remind the woman with the lost phone she still had not given him her number.

The woman with the lost phone tried to explain her reasoning and said the Black man walked right behind her and may have taken it out of her bag at that point.

She then agreed to type her number into the store clerk’s phone and call it. It then began ringing, showing that her phone was in her purse the whole time.”

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As expected, “TikTok Karen” tried her best to apologize for being wrong all along, only to be shunned by the couple that had a few choice words of their own before walking off with a feeling of validity in the situation.

Watch the viral clip below, and we’ll see you all for the next episode of When Karens Attack which unfortunately will happen sooner than we can predict:



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