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Kirk Franklin

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This week Russell Simmons called Donal Trump on the Carpet. Omarosa stood behind him. The 2016 Republican presidential hopeful called for “a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States.

Kirk Franklin is a smart gentle man. Literally gentle as can be. He now can be considered the elder statesman of gospel. A new generation of gospel fans and musicians have come into being because of him. Well, he was incensed enough  with  the activities of the last week  took to  his social media and called out Christian leaders standing behind Donald Trump.
He tweeted:
“To every pastor that stood next to Donald Trump last week, I hope you now see why we’re losing respect as Christians in the world…While you were so busy wanting ‘camera time,’ you didn’t ‘take time’ to examine his character, Banning Muslims does not reflect our country, Or our Christ. I am very disappointed in people that say they believe what I believe compromise that for contaminated influence. I’m done.”
 How do you feel about what Kirk has said?

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