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The 2000 dark comedy American Psycho, adapted from the 1991 Bret Easton Ellis novel of the same name, told the fictional tale of a clean-cut Wall Street yuppie that by day was an investment banker and by night became a maniac obsessed with murdering sex workers and homeless people.

Well, it appears life decided to imitate art recently after reports claimed a real estate broker out of Miami is currently in custody after being connected to the unprovoked shootings of multiple homeless men.


The Miami Herald reports that 25-year-old Willy Suarez Maceo is a “suspected serial killer” for his possible involvement in the shooting deaths of two homeless men and a non-fatal shooting of a third. The latter incident happened on Tuesday night near downtown Miami, with the survivor telling authorities that he had no idea how he’d been injured. Hours later was when the second homeless man was shot, this time being fatal as the victim slept on the sidewalk in Wynwood.

Detectives soon were able to connect the two attacks after Maceo’s license plate was seen visible on surveillance footage.

More details below on how authorities eventually apprehended Maceo, via Miami Herald:

“According to an arrest report released on Friday, tactical robbery detectives found Maceo in his car in Kendall on Wednesday. They found his 9 mm Glock, the report said, and ballistics tests soon linked the weapon to the two shootings. 

Bullet casings were also found ‘on the defendant’s person,’ the report said. Records showed the gun was purchased by Maceo in January 2018, police said.”

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The third victim was connected after previous surveillance footage that captured the murder of a homeless man on 21 SE 1st Street back in October recorded a suspect who looks almost identical to Maceo. Miami Interim Police Chief Manuel Morales believes there may be other victims out there as well who, as he put it, “suffered at the hands of this ruthless criminal.”

Circuit Judge Alberto Milian found there was enough evidence to issue a charge of premeditated attempted murder, ordering Maceo to remain behind bars and stating, “I conclude the defendant is a danger to the community.”

Although he’s no Patrick Bateman, Maceo put on the front of a luxurious lifestyle on social media filled with tailored suits, beachfront properties, tech conventions and career advice. He’s currently being held without bond.






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