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It’s no secret that Chicago is a rather rough city to live in, and sadly many of our Black brothers and sisters have died as a result of the city’s rising crime rate.

In 2021 alone, the city recorded its most deadliest year since the 1990s after the Cook County medical examiner’s office confirmed that 836 of the more than 1,000 homicides it handled occurred in Chi-Town.


According to the Chicago Tribune, the medical examiner said it was the first time the office had handled that many homicides since 1994. Chicago Police Department data shows that 797 people were killed in the city, just one less short of the 798 slain back in 1996. To make matters even more troubling, that number doesn’t include people killed in shootings on Chicago expressways — those are in the jurisdiction of the Illinois State Police — nor are the self-defense shootings or fatal shootings by police officers.

Take a look below at the startling facts by the numbers on homicide rates in Chicago, via the Chicago Tribune:

“According to the medical examiner, Blacks were the victims of 80% of the homicides handled by the office. More than 1,000 homicides here were gun-related, the office said.

‘Males accounted for 88% of homicide deaths,’ the office reported in a statement. ‘Eighty-six homicide deaths were under 18; 12 were under the age of 10.’

The Chicago police figure includes all manner of homicides, but the overwhelming majority of slayings in the city — more than 90% — were a result of gun violence, statistics show.

All told, there were at least 4,300 gunshot victims, including those who suffered both fatal and nonfatal injuries, according to CPD data. The number is a significant increase from 2018, when 2,800 people were shot.”

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Although the 2021 increase saw Chicago returning to more than 700 homicides since 778 were logged in 2016, the data does show some slightly good news. Notorious hot spots for crime on the West Side with Austin and on the South Side with Englewood as well as South Chicago have recorded significant declines in homicides from 2020 to 2021.

While the Windy City definitely has a lot of work to do, we believe the residents of Chicago will soon pull through as a community to improve it for the better.

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