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At least 300 people have died in Somalia after two truck bombs detonated in the country’s capital on Saturday.

The first bomb, which exploded near a popular hotel in Mogadishu, is the deadliest attack during the country’s decade long war against Islamist extremists.

According to The Washington Post, the first explosion accounted for the majority of the death toll, while a second explosion nearby killed several more.

Officials are still accounting for the majority of the victims–111 people remain unidentified, while 165 bodies have been buried since Saturday, BBC News reports. Somalia’s president, Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed, declared three days of mourning in honor of the victims.

Government officials blame terrorist group al-Shabab for the attack. Although the group has not claimed responsibility, they frequently attack Mogadishu and are linked to al-Qaeda. On Sunday, demonstrators took to the streets to condemn al-Shabab.

While witnesses continue to report harrowing accounts of carnage, rescue attempts ramp up to recover anyone trapped under the rubble.

“Today’s horrific attack proves our enemy would stop at nothing to cause our people pain and suffering. Let’s unite against terror,” President Mohamed tweeted.

SOURCE: The Washington Post, BBC News


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