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We’re embarking on a whole new era as a planet.

According to NASA, for the first time ever, “scientist at LIGO have directly detected gravitational waves and light from a huge collision of neutron stars. Astronomers were able to observe this spectacular event from virtually every time of energy and wavelength. 

But what does this really mean for us as a species and the grand scheme of the planet?

Cambridge University astrophysicist Anthony Lasenby told Wired, “Gravitational waves are not another part of the electromagnetic spectrum; it is a whole new spectrum in itself. It’s a completely different way of getting information from things.  Astronomers detected heavy elements, including lead, gold, and platinum, generated by the collision. It may be that all precious metals in the universe are created by spectacular stellar deaths.”


If you think all of this sounds good, check out what light and gravitational waves look like 130 million years after two neutron stars collided:


If you still don’t get the universal hype, just think of it this way:

Super(nova) facts!



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