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A New Class Of Police Officers Graduates In New York City

Source: Spencer Platt / Getty

A New Jersey police department has suspended an officer after being caught on video fighting with two girls outside of a high school.

Officer Hanifah Davis was seen tangled up in a heated altercation with two twins, and clips of their fight have been posted on social media. According to, the Orange Police Department and Orange Mayor Dwayne Warren issued a statement informing the public that Davis “has been relieved of duty pending the outcome of an investigation.”

It’s unclear what Davis was fighing about with the girls, but he was seen dragging them out of the school by their hair. One of the clips shows another man running into the middle of the situation to break up the fight. He then gets into a scuffle with Davis.

A rep for the school district and the prosector’s office have yet to reply to requests for a statement on the matter. The city, however, has issued its own statement, revealing, “Contrary to rumors on social media, an Orange Board of Education staff member was not arrested; he was issued a ticket and the issuance of that ticket is part of the investigation.”

The Orange Police Department will continue to investigate the incident. Meanwhile Mayor Warren is asking the outraged community to remain calm.

“This matter is being taken seriously by the Orange Police Department and the Warren Administration. All the facts will be shared with the public as soon as they are available,” the mayor’s office explained in a statement. “Meanwhile, the OPD and Mayor Dwayne D. Warren ask that citizens withhold judgment and act responsibly until all the facts are known, at which time the Administration will take all appropriate action.”


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