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The conversation surrounding Critical Race Theory has created a huge divide in today’s society, separating those that believe it’s important to learn about the history of racism in America and others who feel it promotes an agenda to make modern day Caucasians look like oppressors for the faults of their ancestors.

Although Black History Month is mainly about commemorating the excellence of pioneering Black people who’ve come and gone over the decades, the celebration doesn’t come without acknowledging a past filled with prejudice based on the color of our skin and segregation put in place solely by white people who saw their Black peers as inferior.

It’s for this reason that many teachers in Alabama are getting pushback on their recent Black History Month lessons by parents who want to uphold the ban on CRT that was approved by the Alabama State Board of Education last October.


As reported by, Alabama Superintendent Eric Mackey made it clear that many people are still very confused on what CRT actually is, telling members of the House Education Policy Committee that “they make a report but it’s not actually CRT.” He spoke further on the confusing reports, stating, “I had two calls in the last week that they’re having a Black History Month program and they consider having a Black history program CRT.” Mackey went on to add, “Having a Black history program is not CRT.”

More on how the issue of intertwining CRT and BHM is being handled in Alabama below, via AL:

“The state board of education in August approved a resolution banning the teaching of divisive concepts in the wake of a national reckoning against critical race theory. The state has also been asked to investigate at least one other alleged violation of the new policy, after a parent complained about a Huntsville teacher diversity training.

Rep. Terri Collins, R-Decatur, chairs the committee and asked committee members on both sides of the aisle to bring someone who could talk about what they think CRT is and what it is not

‘My goal in this conversation’ she said, ‘was that my education policy committee and anybody that wanted to join were able to come and hear maybe different sides of an issue.’”

The presenters in this conversation each agreed that Critical Race Theory is a concept to connect structural racism to various institutions in America, but disagreed on whether it was present in Alabama education.

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Overall, it can be assumed that most people who are against CRT are either uneducated on the topic or trying to avoid facing a harsh truth about how white people perceived Black people in the South specifically. “We have never encountered an Alabama educator who seeks to use history or civics to set one group of Alabama students against another or to teach them to hate their country,” said Department of Archives Director Steve Murray.

If only more people can understand that notion.

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