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Cornel West, the noted scholar who has straddled the lines of academia and activism for decades, on Monday announced his third-party candidacy for president in the 2024 election.

The current esteemed member of the faculty at Union Theological Seminary made the unexpected announcement on social media, where he laid out the foundation of his candidacy.

“I am running for truth and justice as a presidential candidate for the People’s Party to reintroduce America to the best of itself – fighting to end poverty, mass incarceration, ending wars and ecological collapse, guaranteeing housing, health care, education and living wages for all!” West tweeted. “Join the movement at!!”

The tweet is accompanied by a video in which West said his candidacy was motivated by “truth and justice.”

The video said in part: “I enter in the quest for truth, I enter in the quest for justice, and the presidency is just one vehicle to pursue that truth and justice — what I’ve been trying to do all of my life.”

The video also had disparaging words for Republican “front-runner” Donald Trump as well as the “milquetoast neoliberal” President Joe Biden, who announced his campaign to seek reelection last month.

West said he will be running his presidential election for and seeking the nomination from The People’s Party, whose website describes itself as aiming to “break up the corporate state and guarantee every American a good-paying job, health care, housing, peace, and freedom.”

Cornel West, who is known for his intellectual activism, has had an illustrious carrier in the education section. He has taught at Harvard University, Yale University, Princeton University, Dartmouth College, Pepperdine University and the University of Paris. He also hosted a radio show with talk show host Tavis Smiley from 2010-2013.

In 2008, West supported Barack Obama during his run for president, but would later go on to retract his support in 2011 for Obama’s centrist ideals. In 2016 and 2020 West supported and campaigned for Bernie Sanders. Once Sanders was defeated by Hillary Clinton in the 2016 primary, West turned his support toward Green Party nominee Jill Stein.

Now, West will try to take his progressive agenda and the People’s Party to the White House.

This is a developing story that will be updated as additional information becomes available.


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