Civil Rights & Social Justice

Civil Rights & Social Justice

The 60th anniversary of the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom is being streamed online and is live right now. Here's how to watch a livestream as civil rights leaders converge on the nation's capital. The post Watch Live: March On Washington Commemorates 60th Anniversary At Lincoln Memorial appeared first on NewsOne.

More than 1,000 HBCU students from dozens of Black colleges are expected to rally for change at this year's March on Washington on the 60th anniversary. The post March On Washington 60th Anniversary: More Than 1,000 HBCU Students Rally For Change appeared first on NewsOne.

Future in Color launches a transformative Black economic blueprint to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the March on Washington. The post Future In Color: Black Economic Blueprint Launches Ahead Of March On Washington 60th Anniversary appeared first on NewsOne.

From the Watts Riots to Attica Prison to Ferguson, Missouri to Los Angeles in 1991 to Minneapolis, these are some of the most notable Black uprisings in history. The post Revolution! 10 Notable Black Uprisings appeared first on NewsOne.

Many Black people have responded to the brawl at Montgomery’s Riverfront Park by saying, "We are not our ancestors!" The post Op-ED: Saying ‘We Are Not Our Ancestors’ Is Disrespectful, Ahistorical And Dumb. Please Stop! appeared first on NewsOne.

During an interview with 'Good Morning America,' Ajike Owens' family demanded that Susan Lorincz be charged with a hate crime. The post Ajike ‘AJ’ Owens’ Family Calls For Susan Lorincz To Be Charged With Hate Crime appeared first on NewsOne.

Alabama state Sen. April Weaver and other Alabama legislators want to make faking a kidnapping a felony after Carlee Russell's case. The post Alabama Legislators Want To Make Kidnapping Hoaxes A Felony In Response To Carlee Russell Case appeared first on NewsOne.

Onyx's attitude regarding the shooting and her road to recovery is both inspiring and heartbreaking. The post ‘I Will Be Able To Walk Again. I Know I Will’: 6-Year-Old Black Girl Shot In Back In Louisville Speaks Out appeared first on NewsOne.

A research organization, has Twitter's litigation fingers foaming at the tips after the group found that racism was up on the platform. The post Elon Musk And Twitter Threaten To Sue Non-Profit That Allegedly Found An Increase Of Racism On The Platform appeared first on NewsOne.

A recent Yahoo News/YouGov poll indicates that 73% of Trump voters believe discrimination against white people is a problem. The post Surprise, Surprise: Poll Shows Trump Voters Think Anti-White Racism Is A Bigger Problem Than Anti-Black Racism appeared first on NewsOne.