Black History Month is here, and if you know someone who’s making their own history by giving back to their community in a positive way, nominate them to be a B’more Proud History Maker! We’re celebrating a new person each day!

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1. Andrea Jones

Andrea Jones Source:Photo Submission

Nominated by: Christopher Watkins

Why: She is a phenomenal person and has done everything from helping young men go to prom, to feeding the homeless and giving them supplies to keep warm. She also serves in the Maryland National Guard and is even bringing a Black Author Expo to Baltimore City.

2. Mosiah Fit

Mosiah Fit Source:Photo Submission

Nominated by: Keamba Manning

Why: Mosiah deserves to be nominated because he is the epitome of being the change you want to see and in the world. He is the founder and leader of the Black Wolves, a scouting organization for the children of Baltimore. He teaches the children pride in who they are, humanitarian love, discipline, personal accountability, and enterprise. He is a great community leader and role model. He is fully committed to the children he works with and his organization.

3. Coach Donovan Adams

Coach Donovan Adams Source:Photo Submission

Nominated by: Himself

Why: Baltimore City has kids who don’t have guidance, who don’t have people to look up to, or just don’t have a family that they can depend on. They are some of the most talented kids in Baltimore, but because they go to a public school that is not popular or as productive as others, they will never be seen and they can’t afford training because of financial issues that the family has. Let me tell you about Get a Bucket University (GABU), which is a training and mentor program for kids 15 and under which gives them top notch training that they may not be able to afford and that big brother mentoring that they need. We are located in the heart of the projects at Lillian Jones Recreation Center, and everything is FREE! I use my own funds for shoes clothes and food that they don’t have on a regular day, not just for training. We take pride in school work and just becoming an individual. We have discipline so we can understand life. That’s what we go by and that’s what we breathe. I didn’t have these things when I was young, and wasn’t able to afford them, so I give it back to them. I am Coach Adams…and I care.

4. Angel Leach

Angel Leach Source:Photo Submission

Nominated by: Lenae Queen

Why: Angel Leach is a young woman who’s a social worker with The Mercy Of Hope program at Mercy Medical Center. The Mercy of Hope program helps needy and homeless families transitioning back into a life with stability. Angel Leach is just that, an “angel.” She was such a blessing for me and my family who were homeless and are now transitioning back into this world we live in. I’ve never met a young person who is so diligent, caring, supportive and really determined about doing their job.

5. Paulette Gray

Laschelle White Source:Photo Submission

Nominated by: Lashelle White

Why: Paulette is a great person and should be recognized as a B‘more Proud History Maker for her work to help the homeless. She often cooks for the homeless and then rides around Baltimore to feed them. Paulette is the owner of a salon, so she cuts homeless people’s hair. She also adopted a family for Christmas and made sure they had a very special holiday.

6. John Jackson

JOHN JACKSON Source:Photo Submission

Nominated By: Rochelle

John aka “Chef JJ” is a Baltimore native Army Veteran who saw a need for local veterans and set out to meet and exceed those needs. John served Thanksgiving meals to more than 100 veterans in Baltimore November 2019 and has started a non profit A Soldier’s Story to further his mission to assist his fellow vets. As a veteran myself it makes me proud to call him my brother and friend and to assist in his mission. He is very humble and very much deserving of this honor.

7. Latonya Savage

Latonya Savage Source:Photo Submission

Nominated By: Shawn Savage

My wife, Latonya Savage created and has been running the Y.E.S. Club in NW Baltimore for 18 years. The program is for girls ages 7-17. It is not funded by outside sources. She closes her salon every Tuesday evening to meet with the girls, serves dinner and just makes sure they have a safe place to talk. She is always taking them on trips and simply making sure that the girls are good. I am so proud of the work that she does to make life better for our youth.

8. Chanel Smith

Chanel Smith Source:Photo Submission

Nominated by: Anitra Hill

Chanel is an excellent example in humanity. As a wife and mother, she instills qualities in her family that we should all live by. She does so much to give back to the Baltimore community and the education of children in Baltimore. She’s also a coach for track and other sports. On her Instagram page, she always posts positive things about education and how we can use various tools to help our youth. She is Vice President of the Torrey Smith Foundation (her husband), whose mission is to create a society that is equitable and compassionate so that we can leave the world better than we found it.

9. Terrick Gaines

Terrick Gaines Source:Photo Submission

Nominated by: Cherise Gaines

Terrick Gaines is the owner of TGX Performance Systems. He has trained and mentored middle and high school athletes free of charge. Through his help the students were able to get full scholarships into college. He also does workshops for athletes and their parents educating them on the process of getting our youth in schools with their grades, and talent. He has offered free sports camps to the community as well. When you need help, he is always there to make meaningful connections between the collegiate athletes and professional sports industries. He has trained many NFL athletes as well as 2 NFL Super Bowl Champions.

10. Sherree Rogers

Sherree Rogers Source:Photo Submission

Nominated by: Destiny Hall

Sherree should be recognized, not just this month, but every day because she has big, caring heart. She has a moving, hauling, cleaning and home improvement service called Rogers Does It All. She uses a majority of the money she makes to help the less fortunate. She often receives calls where people wanted to use her services, but couldn’t afford them, so she helps out low income families targeting section 8, HUD, and any other people living in income-based housing. She also started a non-profit called Standing Strong Mentoring Program here in the USA and in Africa.

11. Rich Akwo

Rich Akwo Source:Photo Submission

Nominated by: George Anderson

Rich is the pioneer behind Selfless Saturday, Generosity Showers and Generosity Global. 1) During Selfless Saturday, Rich and a team of volunteers feed hundreds of locals from Baltimore. He has been doing this for several years. It’s always packed and his selfless leadership has inspired people from all walks and races to both help and be helped by this generosity. 2) Generosity Showers was invisioned by Rich many years ago and is not realized. Through his passion to help those in need in Baltimore and a great vision, he raised funds to turn a large mobile trailer into a multi-showering facility. We worked tirelessly with the local government to obtaining water and parking permits and now those in need have a safe, clean and respectable environment to shower and properly groom themselves regularly. He provide all towels, toiletries and staffing support. Might I add, this selfless endeavor has put some of the very people he serves to work; earning a respectable income. 3) Rich is in Africa as I type drilling wells for those in need of clean drinking water. I don’t know what else to say. Rich is an all around amazing leader, father and husband; he’s simply a good brother. He’s someone I have invested in and certainly someone who has invested in me. Please consider him. Follow him as Rich Akwo in FB and follow Generosity Global to see details of all these efforts.