According to the latest reports, new Covid infections have hit a pandemic high in the U.S., due in large part to the highly contagious omicron variant.

In a Twitter thread, journalist Jacquelyn Mason explained that the major narratives observed were also put in the context of broader political conversations.  

Unfortunately, some of those COVID-19 conspiracists happen to be stars we love and admire. Here's a list of NBA athletes who have shared their controversial opinions about the COVID-19 vaccine.


Several surveys have shown that as many as half of unvaccinated workers insist they would leave their jobs if forced to get the shot, but historical data suggest they're just bluffing.

The two-dose vaccine has been approved for individuals age 16 and older. Health officials hope the action by the FDA will aid more unvaccinated individuals to trust Pfizer's shot to be safe and effective and could be used to help employ vaccine mandates for state, local governments and private employers.

Children under 12 are not eligible for vaccination, increasing the need for masks mandates.

Fake vaccination cards are starting to circulate throughout the United States and a new black market is on the rise.

With newly-mandated vaccine requirements that will make it virtually impossible to move around freely, will unvaccinated Black people be at an even higher risk of being ostracized from our communities yet again?

On Wednesday the Biden administration announced it will purchase and donate 500 million doses of the Pfizer vaccine to countries in need over the next year. While it is a step forward, it won't eliminate the 700 million dose shortage Africa is currently facing.