Baghdad Bombing Kills At Least 125; ISIS Claims Responsibility: A suicide truck bomb ripped through a busy shopping district in Baghdad over the weekend, killing more than 100 in what was the deadliest single attack in the war-weary country in years. The brazen Saturday night attack in the heart of the packed Karrada neighborhood killed […]

Istanbul Airport Attack: 36 Dead, 147 Injured, Turkish Officials Say: Gunshots, screams and explosions pierced the air Tuesday as three terrorists armed with bombs and guns killed at least 36 people at Istanbul Ataturk Airport in Turkey. Witnesses described deadly carnage and crowds in a panic as the attackers struck one of the world’s busiest […]

United Kingdom Votes To Leave EU In Historic Referendum: The United Kingdon has voted to leave the European Union in a historic referendum, with 51.89% of the population voting to leave and 48.11% voting for remain. Almost 46.5 million people were registered to vote in Thursday’s referendum. Leave.EU and UKIP leader Nigel Farage, who had […]

Super Tuesday 3: Big Wins For Trump, Kasich, Clinton; Rubio Drops Out: Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump won pivotal primaries Tuesday, while Gov. John Kasich’s long-awaited debut victory in his home state of Ohio raised the chances of a historic GOP convention fight. A humiliating loss on home ground in Florida, meanwhile,ended the White House […]

Your Guide To Super Tuesday 3: For Republicans dead set on stopping Donald Trump, Tuesday represents a final chance to seriously impede his path to the party’s presidential nomination. On the Democratic side, it’ll be yet another test of Hillary Clinton’s organizational strength and backing among party loyalists against Bernie Sanders’ ability to expand the […]

6 Takeaways From The Democratic Town Hall: Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are running against each other. But they’re making their cases by using the same opponent: Donald Trump. The Democratic presidential candidates didn’t pay much attention to each other on Sunday night during a town hall aired live on CNN. Instead, they laid into […]

Flint Family Uses 151 Bottles Of Water Per Day: An “arsenal” of cases of fresh water stacked in the basement and a graveyard of scattered empty bottles are daily reminders that life in Flint, Michigan, is anything but normal. For Gina Luster, 41, seeing the stacks of bottles angers her. She says she feels like […]

Primary Results: Bernie Sanders Upsets Hillary Clinton In Michigan: Bernie Sanders won the Michigan Democratic primary, CNN projects, in an upset that delivers a sharp blow to Hillary Clinton’s hopes of quickly securing her party’s nomination. Sanders’ victory, on the eve of the next Democratic debate clash that will be simulcast on CNN, raises fresh […]

Republican Debate Turns Dirty: The Republican presidential race got dirty Thursday night. Donald Trump opened the GOP debate here by boasting about the size of his genitals. He responded to recent comments from Marco Rubio in which the Florida senator joked about the size of Trump’s hands and said “you know what they say about […]

Super Tuesday: Clinton, Trump win big: Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton carved out dominant positions in their party nominating races on Super Tuesday, marching ever closer to a scorched-earth general election clash. Trump swamped his rivals by piling up seven wins across the nation, demonstrating broad appeal for his anti-establishment movement. Clinton also had a […]