Ross Wilburn, the first Black chair of the Iowa Democratic Party, received such violent and threatening hate from Trump cultists after penning an op-ed he had to beef up security for himself and his staff.

Joel Fitzgerald made history in Waterloo, Iowa, after becoming the city's first Black police chief in 2019. Now he's facing some opposition from current and former officers in the town on a measure to potentially reform the department.

26-year-old Trump supporter Michael McKinney was charged on intimidation with a dangerous weapon and willful injury for his involvement in the shooting of a Black girl in Iowa. Both have a max of 10 years in prison, but initially charges would've required him to serve 32 years behind bars if he didn't take a plea.

As Black people, we are expected to consume these personal, violent attacks like we digest cake. We are told that we cannot act if someone decides to be ruthless, violent and trifling. As violence begets violence against us, we are continually told and showed that it is not fine to simply be.

An Iowa man is facing hate crime charges after he was arrested on Sunday for fighting with a Black man. Andy Benavidez of Iowa City was wearing a surgical mask when police discovered him fighting the other man, and told police he wore the mask because he was “allergic to Black people,” local outlet KGAN reports. […]

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A van carrying Ben Carson's presidential campaign team "hit a patch of ice and flipped on its side," striking another vehicle.