McDonald's is set to pay $33.5 million to Herb Washington, a Black owner of multiple Mickey D's franchises, to settle a lawsuit accusing the company of systemically giving white owners more opportunity to buy restaurants in affluent neighborhoods.

The ice cream machines at McDonald's unfortunately more than often tend to be broken, but it looks like a lawsuit from a company that wants to fix the problem once and for all may be just what we all need to serve that sweet tooth without any technical issues. 

Meanwhile, Rayshard Brooks couldn't make it out alive from a Wendy's.

An officer in Indiana had to issue an apology after falsely accusing a McDonalds employee of taking a bite out of his sandwich. The Sheriff’s Deputy, who goes by “DJ,” told Channel 13 news that he noticed several small bites when he went to heat his meal up at the station in Marion County. He […]

Simon Childs’ life turned around after a woman who meant to publicly shame him, actually helped him secure the good Lord’s increase.

A McDonald’s employee in St. Petersburg, Florida defended herself when a man physically assaulted her. The video, shot by patron TJ Biandudi went viral on social media this weekend when 40-year-old Daniel Willis Taylor, allegedly upset because he wanted a straw, grabbed McDonald’s employee Yasmine James, yanking her over the counter according to a police report. […]

Today is National Coffee Day, and with it comes a slew of offers from U.S. java joints for free or discounted coffee.  As always, some deals…