Eric Lindsay of Liberty Township, Ohio, has filed a lawsuit against a Meijer grocery store and two police officers, Tanner Csendes and Timothy Mitkenbaugh, he accused of racially profiling him and detaining him illegally on  Jan. 29, 2021, while the officers were looking for a shoplifting suspect who is white.


Surveillance video shows that at Palm Elementary School, in Ohio's Lorain City School District, a 9-year-old Black girl was made to eat waffles out of the trash can after she threw it away. As a result, a cafeteria worker and principal of the school were fired, and the family is suing.


Former Ohio State defensive back Marcus Williamson posted a lengthy Twitter thread recalling his experiences as a "young Black college athlete." which included allegations that Trayvon Martin's photo was used to illustrate a "no hoodie" rule. Coach Urban Meyer first denied it, but later admitted the photo was used.

A high school football coach is in hot water for forcing one of his players to violate his religious beliefs by eating pork as a punishment for missing a practice.

In a letter to the DOJ, Mayor Andrew Ginther and City Attorney Zach Klein expressed the city needed oversight to combat "fierce opposition" to reform in the police department.

Black communities cannot even enjoy a brief reprieve from police violence. Local reporters explained that many of the people who came outside as news of Ma'Khia's death began to circulate had been heading downtown in anticipation of the Chauvin verdict. 

According to published reports, Columbus Police Officer Adam Coy has been fired after shooting and killing 47-year old Andre’ Hill within seconds of arriving on the scene.

The Justice Department joins the ongoing investigation into the fatal shooting of Casey Goodson Jr., who was holding a sandwich, not a gun, when he was killed in Columbus, Ohio on Dec. 4.

His family believes his sentencing was not fair in comparison to similar crimes. 

Summer Grant says that a pastor at Chapel Hill Christian School in Akron, Ohio, expelled her children because they have different fathers.