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People give millennials a lot of crap, just for being alive — but they can’t deny the fact that we’ve created everything that can be deemed as cool today. From social networks, to streaming services, to terms like “lit”…we did that!

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Another thing Gen Y is solely responsible for is the beauty and art that is binge watching television. Gone are the days when we were okay with waiting an entire week to see the latest episode of our favorite shows. These days, when a series makes fans wait that long for the new episode, they lose tons of viewers. And to think, this all started with the meteoric rise of the DVD player. Once shows started making their way to DVD, you got to watch it over and over as many times as you please! Why do you think most millennials know the dialogue to their favorite shows like the back of their hand.

Once the DVD, along came TiVO. With TiVO, you could record some of your favorite shows while you’re not home, just that it can be there waiting for you like a passionate lover once you return.

But even TiVo didn’t have the bandwidth in its early days to keep up when streaming services became a thing. Sure, cable networks like HBO had their full series available to watch whenever you want, but you’d still have to wait a week for the new episode to air in order to truly binge. But once Netflix launched in 1998 as the world’s first online DVD rental store, it was a wrap for the television game.

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Binge watching has become such a staple in the culture that streaming services drop full series all at once, just to give viewers the opportunity to obsessively soak it all in on their own personal time table. But before we were binging Orange Is The New Black and Breaking bad, there were plenty of shows from the late 90’s and early 2000’s that didn’t get their “binge” just due. Hit the flip to check em out.

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