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It appears as though more of your favorite celebrities are standing in allegiance with Alicia Keys and also proclaiming to free themselves of the things that women are told make them attractive. The latest convert to abandon makeup is none other than Sanaa Lathan and she is also pledging to go without something else as well.


As reported by Essence, beautiful actress Sanaa Lathan is showing just how gorgeous women over 40 can be without all of the makeup and hair extensions. She recently made a statement on her Instagram account that she was done with wearing both makeup and weaves for the remainder of the summer.


This is likely the most opportune time for the star of the upcoming FOX series Shots Fired to take a break from the glammed up beauty routine that she will be required to display once it’s time to get in front of the camera again for her series.


So is it safe to call this “no makeup” movement a trend that will become stale by fall or will more celebrities decide to bare their natural beauty for their fans and the world to see? Time will only tell, however it is nice to see various representations of what’s considered beautiful to be displayed on a national platform.


Tell us in the comments ladies, how do you feel about going makeup and weave-free?


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