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Alhaji M. Sow

Source: AJC / iOne Digital


I‘m going to go ahead and start this report with a reminder that last week in Michigan, a white teenager fatally shot four children with the intent on killing more people and despite still holding a loaded gun, police officers were able to take him in without killing him.

While I’m at it, I’ll point out that Kyle Rittenhouse was able to walk right by police officers with an assault rifle he had just used to kill two people and injure a third in Kenosha, Wisconsin—not that it mattered since he was later acquitted of murder.


Lastly, I’ll go ahead and mention that on January 6, a mob of thousands of white people attacked police officers while forcing their way into the U.S. Capitol in a clear effort to overthrow the government and out of those thousands of violent MAGA-fied whites, only one was shot and killed by a police officer.

Trained police officers can refrain from killing potentially dangerous suspects when they want to.

On Friday, a Black teenage college student was shot to death on his school campus in Florida by police officers who claimed he was wielding a knife that he used to injure other students. He allegedly had a knife. The trained police officers definitely had guns. The Black teen is dead because cops couldn’t figure out a way to take him down alive.

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the shooting took place at the Florida Institute of Technology where Melbourne police claim 18-year-old student Alhaji M. Sow was “wielding a knife in a threatening manner” and “assaulting students.”

It’s worth mentioning that, according to school officials, no one but Sow was seriously injured besides Sow.

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But in an emailed statement to AJC, the Melbourne police claim that one officer was injured while revealing no other details as to the extent of the injuries. They also claim Sow lunged at them with his knife.

“During the confrontation, the male lunged at the police officer with the weapon resulting in the Melbourne police officer and FIT security officer both discharging their firearms striking the male,” the police said. “Officers attempted life-saving measures; however, the male succumbed to his injuries on scene.”

Law enforcement officials haven’t released any information as to why Sow had a knife and was allegedly assaulting people.

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement is investigating the officer-involved shooting, but I wouldn’t expect this story to end in justice for the victim.

That just isn’t how America tends to work.


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