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According to People Magazine, Sherri Shepherd and her wig caused quite the commotion on Tuesday’s episode of her daytime talkshow, Sherri, when the hairpiece fell off her head in the middle of a segment.

Shepherd was talking about one of her favorite preachers Sarah Jakes Roberts, who recently gave a sermon where, while preaching, her wig began to slowly fall off the back of her head until she just decided to take it off and keep delivering the sermon anyway.

This prompted Shepherd to talk about her own experiences with wigs, saying, “Here’s the thing, when you wear wigs, you are trusting the person that put the wig on, that it’s going to be secure.”

She added, “The thing about wigs is when it starts sliding, you can feel it slide. Because you will start out with it down here, and all of a sudden, it starts making its way up. Especially if the wig weighs a lot. And all you can do is what Sarah Jakes did, which is pull it forward.”

Shepherd went on to say that there is “nothing you can do” when you’re in that moment. “You can’t throw down the mic and walk out and go fix it. The show must go on.”

It was hilarious!!!

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