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Brian Courtney Wilson’s powerful single “Always Peace” hits the top slot on both Gospel radio charts this week. The 3-time Grammy Award nominee earned his fifth number one single on the Billboard Gospel Airplay and Gospel Mediabase charts. Off his acclaimed live album Transitions (2022), “Always Peace” serves as an invaluable call for peace in our lives and a […]

ANY PRAYER COUNTS Often we too analytical with our prayers.  We think we ought to make them sound fancy or humble.  We can treat prayer like money: we don’t want to spend it on the wrong things.  We might not be able to trust our intentions when we pray, but God sees our heart. The […]

WHOLE RESTORATION Our God is a God of restoration.  He shows us his kindness, through his love, in that he cares for our entire being.  Not only does god want to restore a right relationship with you, he also wants to restore your body to health. When we are spiritually or physically weak, we can […]

SATISFIED There are time in our lives when we really need answers or a breakthrough, and sometimes we just want to be blessed. Our loving Father says to simply ask. God wants to give us good gifts.  You might not want to ask for things because you fee they are too much, or too specific.  […]

HIS RICHES The Lord’s riches are found in his goodness, his grace, and his sovereignty as king over all.  God is always able to provide for all of our needs.  Sometimes we may feel as though we are not worthy to receive from the Lord.  Sometimes we find it hard and we worry about our […]

YOU ARE CHOSEN Adopted children never have to wonder if they were wanted.  They grow up with the certainty that their parents chose them.  What a blessing. As a child of God,  you are granted that  same wonderful knowledge. You are his adopted one, chosen specially to bring him pleasure.  Not to accomplish any great […]

“Feel Alright (Blessed)”  is the second single to be released from Erica Campbell’s upcoming third studio album to be released this summer.  “Feel Alright (Blessed)” is available on all streaming platforms now via the My Block Inc./SRG-ILS Group label imprint. The “The Feel Alright (Blessed)” music video just made its global world premiere on BET GOSPEL, BET.com and across […]

SHARE IN LIFE If you are a follower of Christ, God chose precisely when and how to invite you to join his family.  You received the most prestigious, coveted invitation in history.  He chose you. Maybe you simply yearned for more meaning in your life and he led you into a Christian community.  Perhaps you […]

NO DARKNESS In total darkness, we instinctively seek light.  We turn on our phones, fumble for a light switch, light a candle.  With a single light source, the darkness can be overcome.  We can find our way. This same principle applies to our hearts.  God is pure light, and with him, we can overcome any […]

He Never Sleeps How long can you go without sleep?  Most of us have gone all night at least once, but we also collapsed, exhausted, as soon as we were ablr.  No matter how important the task, how critical the vigil, we all have to take a break eventually. All except God.  The one who […]