Podcasts: The Spirit In Mind

A discussion on Bipolar 1 with special guest Nikki Collier

“Gird up the loins of your mind” — Living with Mental Illness

Transitions -and the process of rebuilding and restoration. @BishopGRobinson – IG @CGRMinistries – IG @BishopCGR – Twitter CGR Ministries – Facebook http://www.criticalcollaboration.com

The Spirit in Mind 3/30/24 Podcast

Embracing the “seasons of change” in life..new jobs, new locations, new relationships,etc – plus facing loss and grief that sometimes comes with seasons of change.

Mindset Matters – Our thoughts have reproductive powers. Is it time to leave or is it time to work?

ANYTIME THERE’S A CRISIS THERE’S GROWTH Do You Know the difference between a Rest Stop and the End of Your journey?

Finding growth opportunities in the midst of loss, when your experience fails to meet your expectations.

When you are going thought a Zone in your life it is for a particular purpose. Your Zone maybe Familiar, Unfamiliar or a Growth Zone

Dealing with Transition, Stay Connected on Sight, On Line via Phone, or Church Service