Podcasts: The Spirit In Mind

Finding growth opportunities in the midst of loss, when your experience fails to meet your expectations.

Special Guest Annette March Grier of Roberta’s House with a message about Grief becoming a part of life.

Embracing and living in this New Place of Transition When you find yourself living in the New Season you will find yourself looking different.

Transitioning to a New Place or Season, manifest assignments Spiritually, Geographically, Ideologically, and coping with relationships to secure your purpose!

Guest Annette R. March-Grier from Roberta’s House & March Funeral home; discussion on how imbalanced thoughts affect your mental health and grief.

Are you still carrying baggage in route to your place of promise?

When you are going thought a Zone in your life it is for a particular purpose. Your Zone maybe Familiar, Unfamiliar or a Growth Zone

Dealing with Transition, Stay Connected on Sight, On Line via Phone, or Church Service

Dealing with Transition, what happens when you find yourself in an unfamiliar place