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Gone are the days when modest equaled unflattering and frumpy.

Women are ignoring the antiquated, sexist fashion rules and rocking these pantsuits like they are going out of style.

Today is Queen Latifah’s 54th birthday, and we're celebrating in style.

To some, the mere thought of a financial discount on clothes in exchange for promoting social change is unsettling. That fact, coupled with the brand's history within streetwear and hip-hop culture, makes the action an interesting initiative to explore.

Congrats to newly engaged singer, songwriter and actress, Koryn Hawthorne! Known for her song, “Won’t He do It”, and her latest single, “Look at God”, Koryn announced her engagement to longtime friend, Hunter Register, with an Instagram post that includes pictures from their engagement photo shoot, with the caption, "An @essence exclusive ! Sooo in love".

'A Moment In Time,' a new mini documentary presented by famed flashmob Black Menswear and luxury hat brand Wear Brims, dives into the historic significance that brim hats specifically have meant to Black men throughout history as they launch a new limited edition collaboration.

Polo Ralph Lauren has created some conversation amongst the HBCU Community in their latest release involving Spelman College and Morehouse College. James Jeter is the man who is largely responsible for the new collection.

The four-time Olympic gold medalist serves on and off the red carpet.

These 9 festive hairstyles will turn heads and take your style and beauty game to the next level.