Good News

Entrepreneur Judith Jacques-Laguerre founded Black Women in Media to amplify the accomplishments and celebrate the brilliance of Black women.

There have been a lot of monumental moments throughout this year and Black women are continuing to make history!

Violence against black women is a growing epidemic, with spikes happening all over the country. Black women are constantly in the crosshairs of physical and mental abuse, usually by someone who claims to love them.

For our November issue, we spoke to seven Black women, who revealed their favorite body part while talking positively about their body and existing in it.

Everyday is a day to celebrate your fellow Black woman, but we go the extra mile during the month of March. With Women’s History Month upon us, we’re taking the time to highlight the daily shows that feed our soul and remind us how fearless, powerful and bomb we are as women. Take a listen […]

Some people love to cuddle up with a good book, and some love to listen to music. I, D’Shonda Brown, have become a bit of a podcast junkie over the years. Whether I’m working on a project on my laptop or aimlessly laying in bed with my own thoughts, listening to a podcast is an […]

It’s no secret that Black women are amazing. We’re brilliant, create trends and can do anything we put our minds to. We’re even so dope that even when we didn’t invent colors when we rock them, we can make you believe that we did. So to celebrate our divine power and ability to rock the […]


The Blacker the berry, the sweeter the juice.

Though instances of police brutality and police-involved shootings of countless unarmed Black people have gained national attention, Black women victims are sometimes lost in the sea of Black men who are killed.