In order to fix the decline in church attendance due to the pandemic, should we go back to old traditions for the sake of saving brick and mortars or just find ways to progressively praise the Lord in this new era?

Here is a list of social media features that all churches should be using or learning.

A bunch of churches were empty this past Sunday, but streamed services were up as many organizations encouraged churchgoers to attend church online in wake of the Coronavirus. 

As often happens within the faith, especially with a younger generation of believers, finding a good church home can be tough. You could have easily subscribed to Bedside Baptist but something within you compels you to just get up and enjoy worship with like-minded people. For those of you looking for an ideal church home […]

Researches are calling on churches to develop faith-based health programs after a new study finds Black men who go to church regularly are nearly twice as likely to be obese than those who never attend services. The Duke University study was conducted using data from the National Survey of American Life to investigate the correlation […]

Baltimore County Police are searching for the gunman behind an armed robbery at a church. Investigators said the gunman interrupted a choir practice at Lansdowne Alliance Church. “He asked for valuables phones, credit cards and stuff like that,” Pastor Jeff Simpson told Fox Baltimore. He went on to say everyone who attends the church is very upset. […]

Robinson is being accused of setting fire to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints' and another church nearly a mile away.

According to the Christian Post, Murphy along with his wife, Ann Marie have surrendered to authorities.

According to the Christian Post, Tweet talked about experiencing a "culture shock" while attending and believes many churches "exploits Christians for monetary gain instead of caring for souls."

If you've ever nodded off in church, you'll definitely be able to relate to Comedian Akintunde's new song.