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Millions of people across the world have reportedly been ditching in-person church service and getting their religion fix from home during this pandemic, leaving many congregations praying to one day return to a full house of worshippers.

However, should we go back to old traditions for the sake of saving brick and mortars or just find ways to progressively praise the Lord in this new era?


A recent report from AP News brought the topic to our attention, which in short explains that smaller organizations with older congregations are the ones getting hit the hardest. For them specifically, the pandemic actually just served as a final blow on years of decline due to a variety of reasons, including issues with old building infrastructure, people dealing with health issues and a smaller number of people overall identifying as religious.

Here’s what AP News says of one 164-year-old congregation that struggled to the point of having to close their doors for good:

“On the Maine coast, the pandemic proved to be the last straw for the 164-year-old Waldoboro United Methodist Church.

Even before COVID-19 swept the world, weekly attendance had dipped to 25 or 30 at the white-clapboard New England church that could hold several hundred worshippers. The number further dwindled to five or six before the final service was held Sunday, said the Rev. Gregory Foster.

The remaining congregants realized they couldn’t continue to maintain the structure, and decided to fold the tent, Foster said.

“We can’t entirely blame everything on COVID. But that was just the final blow. Some people have not been back at all,” he said.”

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We all know that you don’t need a building in order to praise His name, but could you see a world where churches don’t exist? Could you keep your faith in tact without a pastor to check in with, weekly live performances of worship songs to uplift your spirit and a congregation of fellow believers to rely on for support?

Churchgoers, let us know your thoughts on this subject! Make sure to always keep God first either way, whether you’re giving praise from the comfort of your crib or welcoming a long-awaited return to your own congregation.

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