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NeNe Leakes recently reflected with PEOPLE about her husband’s last moments, he not only made that comforting statement but he was surrounded by supporters before he died. 

After taking some time out of the public eye to be with family and emotionally heal in private, 'The Real Housewives Of Atlanta' franchise favorite Nene Leakes decided to give the world an update on how things have changed since losing the love of her life, husband Gregg Leakes.

Although Greg Leakes had been battling colon cancer for quite some the world was sadden when NeNe Leakes made gave a small group of people at her club that he was at home transitioning, then totally shocked when the announcement came that Gregg had passed away just a few days later. NeNe Leakes said that […]

Celebrity News

“My husband is losing his life in this very moment.”

Gregg was diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer in 2018 and had previously told doctors he wasn't afraid to die.

Toxic. Narcissist. Abuse: Three words we’ve heard a lot in 2019. As we delve into the New Year, how about we introduce another… accountability. So far, we have watched the new season of Real Housewives Of Atlanta kick off with a dull bang (if that makes sense) and watched toxic friendships reach boiling points. The […]

In a cryptic, but very telling tweet from NeNe Leakes, the Real Housewives Of Atlanta star posed a question that left fans wondering who exactly she was talking about. “U find out ur husband/boyfriend been talkin on the phone regularly to 1 of ur female employees as “just a friend” but u had no knowledge […]