There is a growing number of concerns ahead of the so-called Justice for J6 right-wing rally in the nation's capital that critics fear will become another gathering place for violent white supremacists.

Antwan Gilmore was asleep in his car when he was approached by Washington D.C. police officers and shot to death in another egregious example of cops shooting first and asking questions last.

North Carolina man Floyd Ray Roseberry was arrested Thursday afternoon after he threatened to blow up the Library of Congress.

A new analysis unveiled staggering disparity in the District's traffic enforcement, with Black and lower-income communities bearing the financial burden for tickets, citations, and associated fees.

Elected during a special election, Caston becomes the first person to hold the seat of Ward 7 Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner since it was first created in 2012.

Keisha Young, 22, wants accountability and a better apology from the owners of the famed sports bar.

In the video, members of Nellie's Sports Bar security team can be seen aggressively dragging a Black woman by her long blond braids on Saturday inside of Nellie's, an LGBTQ+ establishment in the U-Street area of D.C.

If/when everything passes in the Senate,  Washington, D.C., would take the name State of Washington, Douglass Commonwealth, in honor of Frederick Douglass. D.C. would be the first new state admitted to the U.S. since Hawaii in 1959, and proponents have already designed American flags that fit 51 stars.

Civil rights leaders and justice organizations urged the Senate to vote in favor of the bill to ensure that voting power would be afforded to residents of D.C., which has a large Black population.


The girls, ages 13 and 15, will soon receive plea-bargain offers from a prosecutor in the D.C. attorney general's office although a trial could still be possible.