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Marsha Rice Water

Source: Marsha Badger/Getty / Marsha B/Getty

***Writer Marsha B. is our second writer to rave about the benefits of rice water.  Here are her thoughts***

What has your time in quarantine been like?

For me, I’ve lost a sense of the day of the week, my sleep schedule has been thrown for a loop, and boredom-eating has become my favorite past time. I am just about ready to reactivate my pre-quarantine routine! The shutdown may have me living the savage life, but it has helped me take my self-care efforts to another level.

The extra time at home has allowed me to pay more attention to my hair. Back in the day when I had to leave my home on a daily basis, I would wash my hair every 3 days. I’d have to wash and twist out my hair so that I could have fresh, presentable curls. Now that no one has to see me, I can wash my hair every 5 days and leave it twisted between wash days. It’s been great not having to constantly manipulate my hair each day in order to go to work.

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My primary focus has been to grow out my hair. My best friend told me that after she had her baby, she used rice water to help with hair growth. Since I had nothing but time and opportunity, I decided to give it a try.

There’s no science to the rice water formula. Take half a cup of rice and have it sit in a cup of water for about 24 hours. The longer it ferments, the stronger the water. Strain the water and pour it into a spray bottle. Now I’ll be honest with you, the smell is atrocious. You’ll want to add essential oils to make the blow a little lighter.

Shampoo and condition your hair as normal. Use the rice water as the last step of your hair routine. Spray your scalp and massage thoroughly. Let it sit between 5 and 20 minutes. Once you’re done, rinse. For best results, do this during each wash day.

I first used rice water on March 3rd. Almost 2 months later, my hair went on a significant growth spurt. Because I have a tapered cut, I concentrated on growing the sides and back of my hair. To compare, take a look at the photo below taken on February 27th.

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Marsha Badger

Source: Marsha Badger / Marsha Badger

The next photo was taken on April 17th.

Marsha B.

Source: Marsha B. / Marsha B.

In the first photo, I was unable to put my hair in a ponytail without the back falling loose. Now I put it up with little to no problem. If these are my results in 2 short months, imagine what my hair can look like by the time we’re allowed to go outside and play?

Quarantine may have its downside but my hair is thriving through it all. How is your self-care regimen surviving through isolation?

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