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Kanye West Presents Sunday Service

Source: Kevin Mazur / Getty

Kanye West has been unusually silent after his presidential campaign came and went, but his name still makes headlines just the same. In a new report, staff workers who assisted the rapper and producer with his Sunday Service events are gathering to file a lawsuit that could reach up to $30 million if all factors align.

The UK Sun spoke with a number of sources close to West and some of the aforementioned staffers who worked with the Chicago superstar across several of his lavish productions. The outlet made note of a pair of class-action lawsuits filed in 2020 regarding West’s Nebuchadnezzar opera production from 2019.


Last summer, Kanye was hit with two class-action lawsuits over the production of his first “opera,” entitled Nebuchadnezzar, at the Hollywood Bowl in November 2019. By way of a law established in California, anyone who worked on the production even if it were just one day should be rightly designated as an employee and not a freelance or contract worker.

Plaintiffs allege that they were not afforded any of the usual worker rights of overtime pay or lunch and rest breaks, and many say they were either paid late or not at all. Although the two lawsuits were the focus of the report, it appears that more plaintiffs will come forth with the assistance of lawyers in separate filings to come with hundreds of people stating they were unpaid and mistreated.

“They’ve got hundreds of people on board already, but they’re talking to many, many others, who want to be a part of it. People are very upset how they were treated, saying it’s their worst experience,” said one source to The Sun.

With the potential for up to a thousand people willing to sign on to sue West, the source believes that he could settle for less or be slapped with a $30 million bill. Much of this appears to be speculative but it is indeed a developing story.

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