Many people were shocked to find that Kanye West has been named the number 1 Gospel Artist by Billboard for the third year in the row.

In a new report, staff workers who assisted the rapper and producer with his Sunday Service events are gathering to file a lawsuit that could reach up to $30 million if all factors align.


If you were sitting around wondering when Yeezy would release new music, you got your wish. Today (Dec. 25), Kanye West dropped a new project called EMMANUEL which is being touted as a celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ.

Kanye West is overdue on some bills after a selected bunch from his Sunday Service crew launched a class-action lawsuit against the rapper for unpaid wages for a live performance show last year. What's a million to a billionaire?

Kanye West has launched a new school called Yeezy Christian Academy (YCA).

In his first run for President, Kanye West received over 60,000 votes in 12 states including Tennessee, Minnesota, Kentucky and Colorado.

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Kanye West is doing a million things at once. Besides allegedly running for President and exercising his Twitter fingers, Yeezy found time to hit up Haiti.

A financial report filed with the Federal Election Commission reveals how Kanye West has spent almost $7 million of his personal finances to fund his campaign for the upcoming presidential election. This may be the first phase of an upcoming spending spree to catapult the rapper on to the mainstage in the November elections.

Yeah, Kanye West is really trying his hardest to convince his followers that he’s divine for real for real.

New poll shows the rapper is flopping with Black voters.