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The fallout from the NFL email scandal continues. While the NFL claims there are no other emails that rise to the level of offense as ex-coach Jon Gruden, the head of the NFL Players Association, wants a full accounting of all emails.  

DeMaurice Smith, executive director of the NFL Players Association, tweeted Friday that revelations of private email exchanges were disrespectful to players.  


“Our players deserve a full accounting of any other NFL misconduct, which is why we once again call for the league to release all of the emails from the Washington investigation,” tweeted Smith. “Any evidence or knowledge that this has been suppressed must be brought to light.” 

Commentator Jemele Hill also chimed in on the revelations from the NFL email dump. She tweeted a report from the New York Times describing the relationship between a former executive for the Washington team and league lawyer Jeff Pash. The league has insisted there was nothing improper in Pash’s communication with Bruce Allen.  

Despite the NFL’s insistence that the only real racism was limited to Gruden’s emails, Hill says a more extensive conversation about the NFL is to be had.

“These email leaks confirm what many of us knew and suspected — that the NFL is a racist organization,” Hill tweeted. “This latest NYT story is a blueprint of how institutional racism works. White men in powerful positions mocking inclusion and that mentality seeping into their decision-making.”

According to the New York Times, the exchanges were revealed as a part of a larger investigation of workplace misconduct at the Washington Football Team. The article also highlighted instances that seemed to show Pash and Allen “seemed to commiserate about politics and the league’s hiring practices.” 

Pash and Allen also made fun of diversity initiatives and joked about the restaurant Hooters. These might seem like ordinary banter for two men of a certain age.

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Still, given their respective roles and the internal issues within the Washington Team, the calls for transparency aren’t unwarranted. In one exchange, Pash responded to Allen saying he was trying to lower a player’s salary by calling it the “lord’s work.”


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