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Are You Peaceful? | Ericaism

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Listen guys, I think that we all could use more peace in our lives, in our minds, in our situations. But you know, life doesn’t always. It’s not always set up that way. Sometimes there’s more chaos. Sometimes there are more things to figure out and understand decisions to make. 


Unfortunately, if you’re a personality like mine where you have so many things, it’s easy to put certain things on the back burner. But I think your piece should never be on the back burner because if if that’s how you say stable, if that’s what God promised to give you, then that means you’re entitled to it. But I think peace is something you have to receive and accept. Even in the face of chaos and different things going on in your life, there’s a quote that I used to put at the end of my mails and it was “peace isn’t the absence of chaos, it is the presence of Jesus.” So how do you keep your peace? 

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I know some keep their peace by avoiding people, by staying away. But is that really peace? I think being able to have peace in the middle of chaotic situations is a sign that you really have it. Not just the fact that you have it, because no one’s there. Not that we’re minimizing alone time because I know that’s necessary as well. But a lot of times being able to have peace is being able to sleep good at night. You know when you can just close your eyes and rest because you’re not toiling over something or stressing over something that when you have alone moments you can actually sit in the quiet with yourself. I want us to have that real peace. You know, the peace with God, the peace of God that allows you to relax and trust and rest. A lot of people, they don’t, you know don’t have peace. And nd you don’t have peace for a lot of reasons.  


This is not a judgment at all. It’s just a fact. And the enemy is coming after your peace, right? Because he’ll keep you in perfect peace. If your mind is stayed on him. If your mind is stay on everything else and other things and what’s going on and who you have to help and how you have to take care of things and it’s easy to be overwhelmed or stressed or you know. Just not lacking of peace, devoid of peace in your life. But I pray that you have it. I pray that you know how to seek peace and pursue it. There’s a scripture that tells us that we should seek peace and pursue it. It is not something that just drops in your lap. You have to be intentional about receiving the peace that God gave John 14:27 “Peace I leave with you my peace I give to you. Not as the world gives do I give to you. Let not your heart be troubled. Neither let them be afraid.”  


I remember when this scripture came alive for me it was definitely at a chaotic time in my life. And I just begin to say this scripture and be intentional about setting my mind on Christ and setting my mind on the things of Christ and his ability to take good care of me, even though the situations around me didn’t always look like that. I learned to trust in what he said and not just what I feel you know, because our feelings will change. They’re circumstantial, but God never changes. If he promised, he will give it. But be ready to receive it, seek peace and pursue it. Go after it with everything you have so you have your Peace of Mind. 



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