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One man was so upset by a Barack Obama mannequin that he threw a cinder block through a store window to attack the model of our forever Prez. The guy, 41-year-old Rewell Altunaga, was caught on surveillance video and didn’t bother denying his actions when questioned by authorities.

ABC reports: “A man is under arrest after police say he smashed the front window of a Manhattan lingerie store and destroyed a mannequin resembling former President Barack Obama dressed as Santa Claus. It happened just before 8 p.m. last Saturday at Romantic Depot on Broadway in Harlem. Surveillance video shows the man walking by the business, spotting the mannequin and pacing back and forth before kicking the window. He then walks to some curbside construction, picks up a cinder block and tosses it through the window, before dragging out the mannequin and leaving it shattered on the sidewalk.”

Store manager Corine Lew says she didn’t know what was going on when the window shattered. “All we heard was glass shattering, so we’re looking around, like, what is going on?” Lew said, according to ABC. “At first, we thought one of the mannequins fell through the window…All of us ran outside, and we didn’t see anyone until we went to the window and saw a cinder block. OK, so it wasn’t a mannequin, someone threw it. So we started looking around to see who could it be? And then we seen a man pacing.”
Donald Trump was also showcased in the display, but his dummy was left unharmed…surprise, surprise. “The surveillance video shows someone yanking the Obama mannequin out of the window and throwing it to the ground. The Trump statue was left unharmed. Altunaga allegedly left the scene, followed by a store employee,” the site reports. 
Eventually the owner of the store was able to catch up with the suspect and held him for police, although he and other Romantic Depot employees eventually ended up having to protect Obama’s attacker against angry Obama supporters.“He was surrounded. We put our loss prevention people out and surrounded him,” owner Glenn Buzzetti reportedly told the Daily News. “He could have been killed. We had women trying to kick him in the head. We had to protect him because he had damaged the Obama image.”

“The New York Police Department’s press office told HuffPost that the suspect ‘did intentionally damage store window causing less than $250 in damage,’ though Buzzetti told the Daily News the damage was closer to $1,000,” Huffington Post reports. Watch the clip up top for more details about the bizarre incident.

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