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Aeva Beauty Champagne Mami Glow Topper

Source: Aeva Beauty / Aeva Beauty

Another day, another lineup of Black-owned beauty brands to put on your radar. As we transition into Spring, your makeup, hair and skin needs will change, which means you need a whole new bundle of Black-owned beauty products to match your melanin.

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You’ve been rocking with us for a while now, so you know we’re always highlighting Black beauty brands we trust. While being a Black-owned brand is the prerequisite, it can’t be undervalued how these brands cater to the needs of melanated skin — which is the ultimate plus.

Not to mention, support goes a long way when it’s done on a consistent basis. Our coins can help these brands continue to create products that are near and dear to our hearts, while helping them  break down barriers in the beauty world.


So, if you want to maintain your radiant glow with a nourishing face and body scrub, smooth away knots and tangles from your mane, or simply lock down a multifunctional makeup essential, Black-owned brands will rise to the occasion and satisfy your needs.

In an effort to keep you ahead of the beauty game, we’ve compiled five must-have products that will cover all fronts. Grab your credit card, get a secure internet connection and prepare to shop this week’s best in haircare, skincare, body care, makeup and more.

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1. Demosea Botanical Beauty Aloe Water Cream

Demosea Botanical Beauty Aloe Water Cream Source:Demosea Botanical

Calling all oily skin beauties! If you need a moisturizer that can hydrate your skin without the heavy feel, the Demosea Botanical Beauty Aloe Water Cream Moisturizer ($20.00, Formulated with hyaluronic acid, aloe vera, plant esters and Pro-Vitamin B5, this lightweight offering gently gloves over the skin and leaves your face feeling soft and supple. And it’s suitable for normal to oily skin. 

2. Aeva Beauty Champagne Mami Glow Topper

Aeva Beauty Champagne Mami Glow Topper Source:Aeva Beauty

Not everyone likes to stock up on various beauty products. They can take up space and you can find yourself not getting money’s worth before it’s time to throw them out. However, the Aeva Beauty Champagne Mami Glow Topper Highlighter ($8.00 originally $16.00, is in a league of its own. This highlighter boasts a sparkly, bronze shade that provides your skin with a dewy glow. This product can be used on the cheeks, lips and as a body illuminator. 

3. CocoaShea African Black Soap & Brown Sugar Scrub

CocoaShea African Black Soap & Brown Sugar Scrub Source:CocoaShea

In case you didn’t know, exfoliation is an absolute must. And not just for your face, your entire body. After all, the only way from your melanin to glow is to remove dead skin cells from your skin. And this is where the CocoaShea African Black Soap & Brown Sugar Scrub ($13.00, Formulated with African Black Soap, turmeric, brown sugar, honey, and coconut oil, this scrub is designed to give you your best skin yet. It helps to remove dark spots, blemishes and acne. Plus, it can be used on your entire body.  

4. Curly Temple Island Frizz Definer and Detangler

Curly Temple Island Frizz Definer and Detangler Source:Curly Temple

Quench the thirst of your curls with the help of the Curly Temple Island Frizz Definer and Detangler ($18.50 originally $20.50, This 2-in-1 detangling definer works wonders by adding extra slip to your mane to help speed up the detangling process and define your curls. Plus, this creamy formula is made with flaxseed gel and aloe to help smooth and hydrate your strands from root to tip. 

5. Dr. Gio’s Brightening Foundation

Dr. Gio's Brightening Foundation Source:Dr. Gio's Cosmetics

The days of dealing with super-heavy foundation formulas are over. Dr. Gio’s Ultra 7 Brightening Foundation Cushion ($34.99, comes in six shades that are designed with all skin tones in mind. This lightweight pick is made with moisturizing agents that works to hydrate your skin with every wear. And it provides buildable coverage, UV protection and  covers blemishes with ease.