If you've been praying for a good reality show lately, Oprah Winfrey's OWN has got you covered with an upcoming series that will take you into the lives of four gospel singers on the rise while balancing their faith and respective families. 

The “Queen Mix” remix combines their unique sounds to make one powerful vibe fitting for Women’s History Month.

Gospel's sweetheart, Koryn Hawthorne, took part in the challenge recently and it was hilarious, to say the least. 

"How Great" is something all believers should remember when trying times start to weigh heavy.

A press release describes “Pray” as “an encouraging reminder, especially during these unprecedented times, that regardless of circumstance prayer is always a necessity.”


The 12th Annual Spirit Of Praise is in the books but if you missed anything or want to relive some of the amazing moments, we got you covered! Watch as Grammy-nominated singer Koryn Hawthorne wowed the audience with her amazing performance of her hit singles “Won’t He Do It” and More! Click above to watch […]


After her amazing performance at the 12th Annual Spirit Of Praise Celebration, Koryn Hawthorne sat down with Praise’s own Ronnette Harrison to talk about what’s next! In 2019, Hawthorne received a Grammy Award nomination for her hit single “Won’t He Do It,” and toured with Kirk Franklin. Also, Hawthorne’s single “Enough” was featured in the […]

When gospel and mainstream genres collide, it truly speaks to the power of God and his reach.