Willie Moore Jr. is ready to share his story on an even bigger platform.

https://youtu.be/RqSKXH1fB9Y Israel Houghton and Adrienne Bailon-Houghton joined us to celebrate their four year wedding anniversary! While some couple have struggled being at home during the pandemic, the Houghtons are thriving. We also discussed their Feel Like Home Virtual Worship Experience taking place this Saturday and the current division within the church community. Israel expressed his […]

BeBe Winans' new video for it features our fam, Willie Moore Jr., and you can watch it here first! 

https://youtu.be/UOY0lmowxSo With all of the craziness surrounding us with the coronavirus, it can feel overwhelming or even hopeless. But, Willie Moore Jr, wants us all to know that “God’s got us.” We’ve been hearing that things are going to be shutting down and that things will get worse. But, the Bible says thet “God will […]

The Willie Moore Jr. Show

There are many options for listening the The Willie Moore Jr. Show. The Willie Moore Jr. Show airs in various local radio markets from 3-7pm ET daily but beyond radio, you can also catch the show on the website’s stream and the free app. Find all of the details below. LOCAL RADIO You can find […]

https://youtu.be/bfU6T2hpjVA Everyone knows that Tyler Perry is pretty much a genius. Recently he announced that he writes all of his own shows, and though the internet had some criticism about that, it works for him. His newest project, “A Fall From Grace,” was written about 4 years ago. Perry told Willie Moore Jr. that he […]

Nicole Murphy was caught kissing Antwon Faqua, who is married to Lela Rochon. Some people online believe Faqua was justified in cheating because Rochon gained weight over the years. Willie Moore let’s his listeners keep it 100 “the way a women looks is some times a reflection of the way that man is treating her.”

Vice Chair Representative Erica Thomas was recently harassed at a Publix grocery store when she says all she was trying to do was check out and leave the store. She was in the checkout line with her 9-year-old daughter when a man walked up to her and complained that she had too many items. She […]

As we continue to show love to dynamic dad's in gospel music, actor, singer and radio personality, Willie Moore Jr. shares how it is to be a father of four.

https://youtu.be/9YKbEXBU7Mc When The Talent Report started looking into the Instagram analytics of over 100 radio personalities heard on syndicated shows, they discovered that Willie Moore Jr. of The Willie Moore Jr. Show is one of their top 10 infuencers. Moore was ranked tenth with 221,275 followers, 2.51% average interactions and 3.05% growth in the month […]