Todd Dulaney

Gospel singer Todd Dulaney, who actually left a professional career in baseball to pursue music, was on the field to celebrate what Robinson did not just for baseball, but for the advancement of all people, together.

On our latest episode of iPraise Live, we sat down with Todd Dulaney and discussed what it was like for him to experience Africa while recording his latest project. He also blessed us with an acoustic set. Check out the video below. RELATED: iPraise Live: An Acoustic Set With Casey J [Exclusive Video] _____ _____ RELATED: iPraise […]

Gospel artist Todd Dulaney‘s rise from sports to Gospel is well documented. He continues to bridge the gap as he has partnered with Baseball great Darryl Strawberry on an amazing story you will have to see to believe. Dulaney also will be releasing a new project entitled “To Africa, With Love” in March featuring music […]

Todd Dulaney continues to give us music we love to hear that inspires us.

Todd Dulaney discusses his new album, 'Your Great Name,' in an exclusive interview with Maurette Brown Clark.

Acclaimed Worship Leader, Maranda Curtis, sings Todd Dulaney’s “Victory Belongs to Jesus” at Bishop Jakes’  Potterhouse in Dallas, Sunday.  Watch how God manifest his glory in that service. When Todd Dulaney see it he says, My God!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow.. the devil is getting upset… 😁 “I hit the people with every thing I have and they KEEP […]

Worship tonight, 7pm at God’s Remnant Assembly with JJ Hairston and Youthful Praise and Todd Dulaney!  God’s Remnant Assembly is located at 4901 Telsa Drive, Bowie, MD!

Todd Dulaney discusses the importance of living in your purpose and embracing the passion God puts in your heart.