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A source close to Felicity Huffman is reportedly speaking out on the college admissions scandal. The “close source” is probably someone in Huffman’s team trying to do damage control.

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According to Us Weekly, “The shame and humiliation are unfathomable. Getting arrested is the last thing she ever imagined.”

Allegedly, the drama has caused tension between her and her husband William H. Macy. An insider says, “Felicity and Bill have been arguing. The biggest concern is Felicity’s criminal case and how this is impacting their daughter.” Macy, who is 69, has not been indicted but Us Weekly reports “court documents claimed that the actor was present for a consultation regarding the plan.”

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Reportedly, her 18-year-old daughter Sofia “had no knowledge of the actions taken in regards to the improvement in her SAT test score.” Sure, she didn’t…

The 56-year-old actress was arrested at gun point on March 12.

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The elaborate college admissions scheme played out through a series of bribes, photoshopped photos, fraudulent test scores and more as a way to admit unqualified students through athletic scholarships for sports the “recruits” would rarely if ever play on the collegiate level. Actresses Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman became the faces of the scandal, for which they were criminally charged last week.

This incident has invited heavy scrutiny on colleges’ admissions practices that stack the odds against countless applicants who have been denied deserved spots at schools of their choice. Understandably, Black and brown students have been particularly outraged. Students of color have historically been accused of not earning their seat at the table because of race-based affirmative action policies. Their merits have been called into question while, as it turns out, the wealthy elite were benefitting from what has been called a broken college admissions system.

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A recent example of this outrage is the 2016 Fisher v. The University of Texas case that went to the Supreme Court. Abigail Fisher claimed the University of Texas denied her admission based on her race. The Supreme Court would uphold affirmative action as a constitutional practice

Some have even argued that this admissions scandal illustrates the validity of why affirmative action is still important.

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