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Here’s some Midweek Motivation from “The Midday Show with Ronnette Rollins” to get you through the rest of the week! In today’s Midweek Motivation, Bishop Guy Robinson talks about Speaking Well About Yourself To Yourself. 

Bishop Guy Robinson starts by sharing that behavioral studies show talking to yourself is common human behavior. What matters most about our self dialogue is the content and the context.

Matthew 9:21 tells of the story of the woman with the bleeding condition. She says to herself, within herself, and about herself, “If only I may touch Jesus’ garment, I shall be made well.” When she acts on her self talk, Jesus responds by saying to her “Your faith has made you well.”  THIS experience shows that self talk is the inward expression of our core beliefs.

What have YOU been telling yourself ABOUT yourself, your circumstances and the people you encounter?

Remember, our core beliefs and the company we keep, influence our self talk and our self talk influences our behavior and our behaviors and our behaviors influence outcomes.

Speak Well About Yourself To Yourself because HEALTHY SELF TALK MATTERS!

Originally aired on 3-6-24