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The Power of Kindness | Ericaism

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Let me share something close to my heart. I believe in planting good seeds because I’ve seen firsthand how they blossom into blessings. You reap what you sow, not where you sow, and kindness is a seed that yields incredible results.

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This past weekend, we celebrated my sister, Googoo. Seeing how abundantly blessed she is, I can’t help but attribute it to the seeds of kindness she has sown throughout her life.

Googoo is the kind of friend who checks in on everyone, attends events, and shows up when you need her. And in return, people do the same for her because kindness is reciprocal. It’s a simple truth: you don’t lose by being kind and generous to others.

Of course, there’s a balance to maintain because some may take advantage of kindness. However, as believers, it’s our duty to show kindness and love to one another, just as the Bible teaches us.


Reflecting on my mom’s life, who has always been a beacon of kindness and generosity, I see how God has blessed her abundantly. Many successful individuals didn’t just pop up out of nowhere; they worked hard, sowed seeds of kindness, and reaped the rewards.

It’s important to remember that our actions and words have a ripple effect. Whether it’s a kind gesture, a friendly word, or a simple act of generosity, it all contributes to the positive energy we put into the world.

Yes, sometimes it may seem cliché, but it’s true: what you sow, you will reap. How you treat others is often how you’ll be treated in return. So let’s make a conscious effort to sow seeds of love and kindness, not for personal gain, but from a genuine desire to uplift and bless others.

Even when faced with challenging situations or difficult people, let’s choose kindness. Whether it’s at church, at work, or in our everyday interactions, a little kindness can go a long way in making the world a better place.

So, as we go about our day, let’s be mindful of the seeds we’re planting. Let’s sow kindness, love, and positivity wherever we go, knowing that we will reap the rewards in due time.

Remember, we’re always sowing, and we’re always reaping. It’s a marvelous Monday, indeed. Spread kindness and watch how it comes back to you in abundance.


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