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President Donald Trump had some choice words for Baltimore during his address to the nation on Tuesday.

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“In many cases local law enforcement is underfunded understaffed, and under support,” Trump said. “Forty seven percent of all murders in Chicago and 68% of all murders in Baltimore went without arrests last year.”

Trump overall emphasized the need to respect and support law enforcement. He signed an executive order Tuesday addressing policing reforms despite a rise in civil unrest over police brutality.

Here how CBS News describes the order:

Trump’s order is shaped by three key components: credentialing and certifying police departments, boosting information-sharing to better track officers with excessive use-of-force complaints and creating services for addressing mental health, drug addiction and homelessness. But it doesn’t make federal funding conditional to those reforms, but instead potentially prioritizes some grants for departments that meet all those guidelines.

Baltimore Police officials backed Trump’s claim about the city’s arrest rate saying they had a 31% homicide clearance rate, or rate of closing cases, in 2019.

So far this year, the clearance rate is higher at 45%.

This week, the City Council has voted to take $22 million from the police budget and redirect it to public services.

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Source: CBS Baltimore

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