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Andy Lizaragga was walking out of a local Rowland Heights Target in California when she witnessed a young Black girl being harassed by an elderly White woman. She took out her phone and started recording. After showing relatives and friends the heartbreaking clip, she posted it on Facebook and the video soon went viral.

The unidentified Black girl was selling candy outside the store when the woman reportedly threatened to call the police because she didn’t have a license to sell the sweets.

Lizaragga, who spoke to CBSLA about the incident, said, “She comes up to the little kid and is like, ‘Where is your license. Have you asked permission to be here?’ The kid’s like, ‘No. I’m just selling candy, trying to make some money.’”

J.R. Lopez, how was shopping at the store, interjected and shamed the elderly woman for her insensitive behavior.

“She continued to yell at her and tell her if she didn’t have her permit, she was going to go to jail. That the sheriff’s were on their way,” he revealed to CBSLA. “She was in tears when I walked up. She was crying hysterically,” he added.

Lopez purchased the young girl’s entire box of candy, paying $80 for the stash before handing it out to shoppers.

“If it was girl scout cookies and it was a White girl, I’m not putting race into this, but I bet it would have been a whole different story,” Lopez said.

The elderly White woman’s behavior is reminiscent of the community members who felt it necessary to call the cops on Eric Garner, who was put in a choke hold and died for selling cigarettes. When will White people stop criminalizing Black folks?



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