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Explosive findings emerged Thursday in the case of Sandra Bland, the 28-year-old woman who died in police custody on July 13, 2015, after a Texas jailer admitted to falsifying log entries indicating he checked on Bland an hour before her death, the Houston Chronicle reports.

The former jailer confessed to Bland’s lawyers that he forged jailer logs to show he checked on Bland, even though he did not. But Waller County has a different interpretation of his reveal.

Larry Simmons, a lawyer for the Waller County’s defense, said the jailer’s testimony was misleading and released the following statement:

“Numerous depositions have been taken in the case involving dozens of hours of testimony. It is a gross miscarriage of justice and a misrepresentation for any party to cherry-pick or mischaracterize a small portion of that testimony, and take it out of context.”

The Houston Chronicle reports that special prosecutors were informed in advance:

A source familiar with the state’s investigation of Bland’s death confirmed that special prosecutors were told about the falsified records but that a Waller County grand jury decided not to indict anyone associated with the sheriff’s office.

The jailer, a relatively new employee, relied on instructions he had been given to log future checks after he finished making rounds, the source said.

Bland’s family awaits a January 2017 court date for a federal wrongful death suit in their pursuit of justice.

SOURCES: Houston Chronicle | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty


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