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Shea Moisture "It Comes Naturally" Illustration

Source: Alexis Eke / Alexis Eke

Today, SheaMoisture unveiled their “It Comes Naturally” campaign in celebration of the beauty, creativity and resilience of Black women. Created by Black and multicultural artists, the “It Comes Naturally” campaign is meant to be an unapologetic portrayal of shared experiences and a forward-looking celebration of Black identity.

In keeping with SheaMoisture’s pledge to support Black women artists and entrepreneurs, the “It Comes Naturally” campaign features work by six Black female artists who were commissioned to  bring the stories, legacy and heritage of our Black women ancestors to life. Those artists, Monica Ahanonu, Rachelle Baker, Bisa Butler, Alexis Eke, Linda Mawala, and Reyna Noriega, portrayed this notion beautifully and “are everything their ancestors envisioned, and everything the future needs – naturally,” the brand says in a statement.

“Since day one, SheaMoisture’s mission has been to invest, support and empower Black women, said SheaMoisture CEO Cara Sabin in a statement. “Today, we’re proud to introduce this campaign, a true labor of love and an uncompromised collaboration with other Black voices and storytellers, as we continue our mission of supporting our community through impact.”

In a campaign video that premiered on YouTube today, the SheaMoisture and “It Comes Naturally” campaign can easily be described as an ode to Black women with words that penetrate deep into our psyche and instantly become a source of pride. While graphics of Black women move in and out of the video frame, a voice over begins sharing our history of strength, resilience and power that’s been passed down from generation to generation.

“Our strength, resilience and versatility is from our history,” the voice over begins. “From all the women who came before you and me, they made us. They taught us, so naturally. We feel their strength. We carry their torch. We do it for us, and we do it for them.”

You can view the full campaign spot here:

The “It Comes Naturally” campaign coincides with SheaMoisture’s promise to dedicate proceeds from every purchase to investing and supporting Black women entrepreneurs. Their commitment is the latest of many community driven initiatives taken by SheaMoisture this year to support women of color entrepreneurs and social justice coalitions.

“Community Commerce is rooted in the belief that commerce can bring true economic independence and empowerment to our communities,” says Simone Jordan, SheaMoisture’s Head of Community Commerce, Sundial Brands in a statement. “We are excited to begin a new chapter of our story and dedicate even more resources and support so that those in need can succeed and thrive.”


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