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If you woke up this morning tired and stressed the f**k out over the presidential election, you are not alone sis. My anxiety is at an all-time high and to make it worse, I can’t stop watching CNN and their damn magic wall. I fell asleep to it and woke up to it, yet can’t seem to turn the channel. I mean how could I? America’s future hangs in the balance. As someone brilliantly noted on social media, it’s like we’re watching the season finale of America and it’s must-see TV.

As we continue to wait for poll workers to finish counting crucial ballots in battleground states like Michigan and Pennsylvania, I’m doing everything in my power to decompress what has been the never-ending election cycle. I logged off social media (please spare me the “too woke to vote” crowd) and scoured my beauty cabinet for products that could turn my shower into an oasis…for 15 minutes at least.


These are stressful times, after all we’re in an election during a pandemic. I don’t dare challenge Mother Nature to show us it could get worse. If you are in need of a break like me, check out four products I’ve personally tried and recommend to take your shower up a notch.

CBD Face Oil

Brown Girl Jane Glow Luminous Face Serum

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There I was tossing things aside in my beauty cabinet before my morning shower when I remembered the Lord blessed me with a press mailer containing a CBD face serum from Brown Girl Jane. Bingo. I immediately tore open the tan box and put a few drops on my finger tips. I didn’t love the smell because I’m used to more aromatic scents when it comes to face serums and creams but when I became a believer as soon as I massaged the oil into my skin. Not only did it leave my skin moisturized and glowing like the name boasts, it was relaxing. Go figure. And, the oil can also be use on your hair, scalp, nails and cuticles, and is food-grade. While Brown Girl Jane is for order only, try Milani Green Goddess Glow Oil you can find at your local Target ($13.99)

Whipped Body Cream

Beekman 1802 Whipped Goat Milk Body Cream

Source: Beekman 1802 /

Whipped body cream brings me joy. Probably because my skin gets really dry (and ashy) after showers and body cream is extremely moisturizing. My whipped concoction of choice… Beekman’s 1802 Fresh Air Whipped Body Cream in Lilac Dream. Girl! It’s worth the $38 price tag because it smells like Jesus dipped his toe in it. Beekman’s velvety formula feels like butter on your skin. And the jar lasts forever. Looking for a similar cream, find Dove’s Whipped Body Cream in Lilac at your local CVS ($9.79).

Body Scrub

Honey Scrub Nourishing Body Scrub with Pure Honey

Source: Victoria’s Secret /

If you read my review of Vanessa Simmon’s Bon Bon Body Scrub you know how much I (and hubby) enjoy body scrubs. They stimulate blood flow, exfoliate your skin and smell like candy. During a recent trip to Victoria Secret’s Pink to grab some undies, I picked up a jar of Honey Scrub Nourishing Body Scrub with Pure Honey since it was on sale for $10 or 2/$20. You may or may not feeling like heading to the mall to pick one up, so try something similar. Dove’s Crushed Almond & Mango Butter Exfoliating Body Polish Scrub is available at your local drug store and slightly cheaper ($6.79).


LA x Bougie x Noire "Unicorn's Breath"

Source: / LA x Bougie x Noire

No shower is complete without a candle and LA x Bougie x Noire’s candle in Unicorn’s Breath ($22) smells heavenly and adds the perfect decor to your bathroom. Boasting 55 hours of burn time, this soy candle is the perfect accent to the gal who loves to turn her shower into an experience. Add this to your wish list for next time since it takes time to be delivered and try these festive candles from VOLUSPA that you can find at Sephora. ($24)

So turn off the TV and turn on the water and let it sooth you as we wait.

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