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Security forces respond with tear gas after the US President...

Source: Probal Rashid / Getty

Among the many shocking images of destruction and wanton folly to emerge from the invasion of the U.S. Capitol by mostly white domestic terrorists, one was especially jarring. A U.S. Capitol police, Eugene Goodman, was seen on video taking on the violent mob by himself while leading them away from the Senate chambers, earning him a nod as a hero to many.

The image of Goodman bravely shoving one of the protestors while seemingly retreating was revealed to be a diversionary tactic by CNN reporter Kristin Wilson. Officer Goodman was deliberately drawing the crowd of rioters away from the Senate chambers, which was undergoing the certification of the Electoral College votes in favor of President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris.


Goodman’s heroic actions aside, many on the outside have been critical of the police response to the insurrectionists, especially those who willfully broke the law by stealing personal equipment, causing widespread physical damage to the building, and, perhaps most potently, creating a potential hazard for all in a super-spreader event during the age of COVID-19.

Huffington Post report Igor Bobic was the first to upload the footage of Officer Goodman’s harrowing ordeal with the mob, offering many across the nation a firsthand glimpse into the nature of events that were unfolding inside the famed federal building.`

Officials from both sides of the political aisle have condemned the acts of the invaders while noting President Donald Trump egged it on, although it’d be fair to say that some lawmakers, perhaps plotting their own political future, were somewhat soft in their responses.

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