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In the wake of the Trump administration’s illegal, offensive, discriminatory and just plain cruel #MuslimBan, which ride-sharing giant Uber appeared to support by crossing protesting lines at airports across the country this weekend, many are looking for a ride-sharing alternative and Lyft has quickly become the top option. However, there is another ride-sharing app out there that is black-owned and perhaps you should give it a try. Say hello to Moovn!

The Huffington Post recently spotlighted Moovn, which is a timely alternative to Uber and allows you to continue to ride-share without feeling guilty by supporting a company that appears to share many of the warped views of the Trump administration.

Moovn initially launched in 2015 in Seattle and was created by Godwin Gabriel. Gabriel is a self-taught coder and developer who made it clear what sets his company apart from other ride-sharing apps…and it’s pretty simple. He says that Moovn is different because it aspires to take the ride-sharing phenomenon to cites companies like Uber and Lyft have overlooked.

Moovn is currently available in seven cities, including Atlanta, San Francisco and New York City, with additional availability in sub-Saharan Africa. Users can schedule rides up to a month in advance, which guarantees no surge in prices. Moovn also allows you to requests alternative transportation, such as bikes, which are common in other countries.

In August, Gabriel stated why he thinks Moovn is ahead of other ride-sharing competion, stating “Being a late-comer in this space allows us to learn from our competitors’ missteps, which has helped us strategically navigate our own course towards continued growth.”

We at HB love to see those in our community succeed! You can find Moovn in the App Store on your smartphone.


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